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"Ever since the beginning, my goal has been to help musicians in ways not many other people could: by helping them enjoy their piano more. I'm piano tuner / technician Benjamin Sanchez, RPT, MPT, and this is my company Professional Piano Services.

"After graduating with Highest Honors from one of the nation's top piano technician's schools, and receiving Certified Installer status from Dampp-Chaser, makers of the Piano Life Saver System, I decided to go into business. I'm a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) with the Piano Technicians Guild. In 2018 I was accepted into the Master Piano Technicians of America as a Master Piano Technician (MPT).  I've also successfully completed the prestigious Renner Academy.

"Why the name? Professional Piano Services is not only what you can expect when you give me a call; it is my promise to you. As an artisan, I believe in giving my customers the very best service possible. This means I'll not only tune your piano, but will also work to make it play better and sound more melodic as well. Attention to the smallest details is what makes the largest difference in the quality of your music. The same is true for your piano as well.


"My goal is helping you, the pianist, enjoy your piano by making it easier to play and to listen to. For me, it's about helping to improve your musical life. It's about honoring the Lord, and being able to look back on a day's work, and say 'It was good.' "

-- Benjamin Sanchez, RPT, MPT

Piano Artisan

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