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"I appreciate the professional way Benjamin works to find solutions to any piano mechanisms that need repair. He also works hard to insure that his clients are happy with the results of his labor. I have a grand piano at home Benjamin takes care of for me and my piano students. There are several pianos at the high school where I accompany choir classes that he keeps in excellent working order. I highly recommend Professional Piano Services!"


- Julie Pike

Piano Teacher

"I purchased my 1979 B-1 Yamaha, from a music store going out of business in 1996. Had it tuned up by a Yamaha technician and believed I had a great sounding piano. I had Ben at Pro Piano refurbish and repair the inner-workings and I am stunned. I am not lying when I tell you this piano does not sound like the piano I purchased even after it was tuned. It sounds better than when I bought it and it has been tuned numerous times over the years -- a far more richer and fuller tone quality than it has ever had before!


"He will soon be nursing by G-3 Yamaha back to its pristine original quality. So thankful I landed on PPS. I am a church musician and in charge of numerous pianos over 30 years and have experienced at least a dozen or more tuners and technicians. Trust me when I tell you that not every piano tuner is proficient at their craft. Ben is professional, courteous, and communicates well the needs your piano has to bring it to its best condition. Every penny you spend is worth it. He will care for your piano as if it was his own, because he understands the emotional attachments we make with these instruments that bring us joy."

- Jonathan Christopher

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