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Accordion Player

Accordion Repairs

Enjoy Your Accordion Again!

You shouldn't have to be frustrated because your accordion doesn't work.

Step 1. Let us know what's going on with your accordion.

Step 2. Get your accordion to us in person or by mail.

Step 3. Pick up your accordion and enjoy it again!

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Accordion Repair Pricing:


$75 / Hour for Labor

+ Cost of Parts

+Shipping (If Applicable)

Due to the many possibilities of things that can break or malfunction in an accordion, it's impossible for use to give an accurate quote online. However, most repairs take at least two hours to perform. If you would like a free quote, simply contact us and drop off your accordion.

Life is meant to be enjoyed -- so is your accordion!

When your accordion is working at it's best, you can easily become the accordionist you were meant to be!

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