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Tuning & Seasonal Service for

Church & School

Enjoy Your Piano More

This full service appointment helps you enjoy a piano that receives regular heavy use in an institution!

​This 2 Hour Appointment includes:

  • Evaluation & Personalized Estimate for New Clients

  • Tuning Your Piano

  • Pitch Correction

  • Minor Repairs (including Sticking Keys)

  • Seasonal Service to Make It Easier to Play

  • Light Cleaning

What's the Difference?

When you choose Professional Piano Services, we do a lot more than just tune your piano! All of our tuning packets are Full Service Appointments, which means we service all of your piano, not just the strings.

This greatly enhances the musical capabilities of your piano. It will be easier to play, more melodic, and of course will be in tune. You will be able to enjoy your piano without working nearly as hard!

Full Service also prevents unnecessary damage from occurring. Over time this will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in repairs! This is the difference you can expect when you choose Professional Piano Services!

Fully Guaranteed, Every Time

When you choose Professional Piano Services, I strive to provide not only the best service, but also the peace of mind that comes with a relationship built on trust.

Your satisfaction is my primary goal. I'm pleased to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all my work. If at any point you're not entirely happy with the service you receive, I'll be pleased to resolve this issue to your complete satisfaction --- or offer a full refund.

This is my promise to you, every time! Schedule today and experience this peace of mind for yourself.

--- Benjamin Sanchez, RPT, MPT

Piano Artisan

Here's How You Can Enjoy Your Piano More

Ask Any Questions You Have

Schedule an Appointment

Enjoy Your Piano (Again)!

"My grand piano was expertly tuned and serviced by Benjamin after my recent move to the area from L.A. After experiencing years of senior skilled technicians taking care of my pianos in the L.A. area, I can easily say that Professional Piano Services is practicing at what I consider to be the highest level of accomplishment. Thanks Benjamin!!"

-- Jeff Fahrni

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