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We Help You Enjoy Your Piano More

Many pianists blame themselves for struggling when their piano is out-of-tune. They feel frustrated and have to work harder to advance in their music.

We provide full-service appointments to get your piano back in-tune and playing at it's best! Pianos we service are less frustrating, easier to play, sound better, and let you enjoy your piano more!

Life is Too Short to Not Experience Your Piano's Best.

Here's How You Can Enjoy Your Piano More

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Enjoy Your Piano (Again)!

"After recently moving to the area, I quickly discovered a severe shortage of piano tuners for my baby grand after having it moved there. Then, after searching for about six months, I ran across Ben Sanchez at Professional Piano Services. No sooner had I emailed him, I received a call and scheduled the appointment. Best piano tuner I think I've ever worked with. Professional, courteous, knowledgeable, timely. And really knows his stuff. Not only did he tune it, but he also gave it a very thorough review to be sure there were no other issues. Very happy I found him and will definitely use him in the future. You should, too!"

-- Danny Gampe

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